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I met Val in July of 2004 when I wanted to take a trip to the Fall Foliage in Atlantic Canada. She
matched me with a travel companion from Nanaimo to avoid the single supplement  This was a
wonderful trip.  I would recommend this club to anyone. I am already registered for other trips the Club
is offering.


In May I traveled with 16 members of the Club to four Greek Islands and Athens. It was a wonderful
holiday. Everything
was well planned and the accommodations were excellent. Earlier this year a group
visited Cuba. We spent 3 days in
Havana & 4 days in Varadero. Great trip, good accommodations &
evrything went smoothly.


Thanks for your personal touch to all our trips. Much appreciated



I went on my first Singles Travel trip with Val. We were away 18 days and had
a most enjoyable and educational trip. Everything was well organized with excellent guides, drivers,
hotels, food and air/boat transportation. Every day was packed full of activities. I bought a piece
of furniture at X' Ian and appreciated Val's help with bargaining. One member developed a health
issue and needed hospital care and she received excellent care from Val, the guide and the hospital.
The lady was able to carry on with the rest of the tour after one day of rest. I am looking forward
to my next trip with Singles Travel and think this company offers very good value and service to all



Thank you so much for all you do which helped make my dream of a lifetime come true Thank you
for all the background work you do that not all get to see and going that extra mile was very much
appreciated by me



I joined the Singles Travel club in order to travel and meet other people who also like to travel. It
was a good decision. Last fall I traveled to China with the group for 16 days of fun and adventure.
Everything went extremely well from beginning to end. The trip was well organized, taking us to
many historical and beautiful spots.The group was wonderful to travel with - fun and friendly, and
no luggage was lost - in spite of 8 plane trips! It was the most exciting and adventurous trip of my
life and I can't wait to do more travel with Val.



Thanks you for doing a super job in organizing all our travel arrangements and tours though South
Africa. We really enjoyed the trip & appreciate all you have done to make it a great holiday. Traveled
on 25 trips with the Singles Travel Club & booked to go on 2 more.



I took my first trip with the Singles Travel Club to South Africa. It was the trip of my life. We saw and did what I had expected and more. Val had matched me with a lady who I didn't know and we got along like sisters. So much that on our way home we were planning our next trip. We were twenty-two, eighteen women and four men. I felt safe with the group and by the end of the trip we were like a big family. I will be going with the club to Turkey in September and then France. Thanks Val for making my dreams become reality.



All the trips I have been on have been well organized, very interesting. I learned lots about the areas
I visited, hotels were very good. I have travelled with different people & have had no issues with
roommates. Joining the Singles Travel Club is one of the best decisions I have ever made.



I would like to thank you for arranging the cruise from Havana. Everything was good.
I enjoyed our 2 days at the beach resort also - our accommodations there were really good - quiet
and very clean. Everything went smoothly - thanks again


Amazing trip !!
Wanted to tell you I was blown away by our Collette Tour of AUS/ NZ!
Exceeded my expectations totally. Wow!
Fantastic tour guide, fantastic array of educational activities, beautiful hotels, the list goes on.
We had spectacular weather too! It seemed like a lot of money at the time but that was the best
chunk of change I ever spent on myself in my life! Collette included SO much, not to mention ten
flights! Thank you so much for including this trip as an option on your website. I'm so very glad I
took the plunge and booked it.



I’m wondering if your travel club is offering a certain trip?
I have travelled with you in the past, but not for a while. A friend hooked me up with XXXXXXXX and they
sent me info. on it. I’m hesitating travelling with XXXXXXXX again as the same group of people seem to go
on all the trips and some of them have formed likes and dislikes between them. It’s like travelling with a
dysfunctional family. It takes away from the travel experience. I never felt that way with your club.

Anonymous - name witheld


Greetings, fellow travellers!

This has been a challenging and frustrating year for us. Through it, I have come to know Val better.

I have never experienced service as good as Val provided! She spent numerous hours on phone lines making arrangements so that I would not lose deposits, money on insurance and to obtain a cash refund for flight costs.

Val truly understands the travel business and with her backing you, you will never go wrong!

PS. She gives valuable tips when you are preparing to travel, and makes as many phone calls as are necessary to get you the best flight arrangements and prices, too!


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